Building a Healthy Mississippi

Mississippi continues to make progress toward a healthier future, and the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation is facilitating this progress by providing the resources, funding and leadership needed to continue in our commitment to a healthier Mississippi.

The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation is proud to have provided grant funding to these organizations:

Building Healthy Schools

Poplarville Lower Elementary School - 2019 Healthiest School

Poplarville Lower Elementary School won a Healthy School Award in 2018 and continued its success by being named “Mississippi’s Healthiest School” in 2019. With health and wellness as one of Poplarville School District’s overall strategic goals, policies were adopted to integrate health education into all subject areas. School leaders and school health council members collaborate to ensure faculty, staff, students and their families have opportunities to participate in healthy eating and exercise activities such as gardening, archery and after-school fitness classes. Physical activity breaks are encouraged in the classroom to allow students to participate in short bouts of exercise before returning to their studies, and school personnel have access to an on-site fitness room that includes cardiovascular and strength building exercise equipment.

Columbia Primary School - 2019 Healthy School

Aligned with one of the overall strategic goals established by the Columbia School District, Columbia Primary School promotes health and wellness to impact students’ academic achievement as studies show health and learning go hand-in-hand. School leaders and school health council members work together to improve the health of school personnel, students and their families. At Columbia Primary School, students begin each day with fun physical activities such as climbing the rock walls, exercising at circuit stations or walking the hallways that are creatively marked as a walking track. Fitness challenges and events are available for school personnel with recognition and incentives for those demonstrating improvement in health.

Oak Park Elementary School - 2019 Healthy School

Located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as part of the Ocean Springs School District, Oak Park Elementary School is a role model of health and wellness for schools across Mississippi. School district leaders and school health council members are building a sustainable culture of health and wellness that promotes health education, healthy nutrition and physical fitness. In the school cafeteria, fryers were replaced with combination ovens, making menu options healthier. Many of the school’s teachers are certified fitness instructors who lead after-school exercise classes and wellness challenges for school personnel.