Building a Healthy Mississippi

Building Healthy Schools

City of Laurel Healthy Heroes Initiative

"The Laurel Police Department holds firm that healthy lifestyle practices have a direct impact on job performance, not only in law enforcement, but in the classroom. As community leaders, officers are taking the ‘Healthy Heroes’ nutrition and exercise program to elementary school students and encouraging them to adopt good health and wellness practices."
Officer Doug Dickerson, Laurel Police Department

Leading the community as Healthy Heroes, Laurel police officers, along with Mayor Johnny Magee, are visiting third grade students in the Laurel Public School District to promote healthy eating habits and exercise. The Healthy Heroes initiative aims to improve health and quality of life among members of the Laurel police force, as well as educate students on the importance of healthy behaviors.

Funded through a grant from the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation, this project includes a program focusing on healthy lifestyles, community-sponsored walks, and a children’s Healthy Heroes initiative. Highlights of the program include biometric screenings among members of the police department, monthly children’s fitness walks and officer visits to area schools. Employees of the police department have access to an onsite fitness center 24 hours a day and are encouraged to exercise one hour per week on company time.