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Highland Elementary School

"We're looking forward to seeing the long-term impact CYCLE Kids will have on instilling healthy habits in our students. We're so thankful to the Foundation for funding CYCLE Kids and for the ongoing support of our community partners, such as the City of Ridgeland..."
Dr. Paula Tharp, Principal, Highland Elementary School

Fourth- and fifth-grade students at Highland Elementary School in Ridgeland are learning about the importance of physical activity and healthy habits through a grant from the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation to implement the CYCLE Kids Program. Highland is the first and only school in Mississippi to launch the CYCLE Kids Program that uses the power of riding a bicycle to build core strength and enhance cardiovascular fitness. The Program also incorporates curricula for healthy nutrition and classroom physical activity.

In addition to teaching students how to safely ride a bicycle, the Program incorporates the use of jump ropes for short bouts of physical activity into the classroom setting. The jump rope activities are designed to improve student cardiovascular fitness and core strength.