Building a Healthy Mississippi
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Guided by a vision for a healthy Mississippi, the mission of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation is to provide leadership and targeted grant funding for sustainable initiatives and programs to improve the overall health and well-being of Mississippians. The Foundation exists to make our state a healthy place to live, work and play, and its impact is empowering lasting change that is evident both in the built environment and in the health of the people who live here.

Since its inception in 2004, the Foundation has formed relationships with community and school leaders and other stakeholders to build a healthy Mississippi. The Foundation’s targeted grant funding is provided for the following purposes: increasing health literacy, enhancing or starting farmers’ markets, cultivating community and school gardens, encouraging tobacco-free environments, creating outdoor play spaces, and constructing places for physical fitness, healthy cooking classes, and health education, among other innovative project developments.

The value of wellness is equal among all, and the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation is committed to making “healthy” available to every Mississippian.